Like Whores- Y3DF

Partners and friends visitors to the MilfComix site, welcome! This is your house of erotic’s free comics! Continued from Busted and Caught 2. The story begins at the end of the dinner in Busted and Caught 2. Kelly enraged with her husband, drags Kenny, Jane’s son, to the Motel where her son used to bring her. She is willing to expel his mother from her home. Meanwhile Brenda has some problems with her husband, and it gets worse when he confuses his wife with another woman. Busted & Caught (01, 02)> Like Whore> Who Did It (01, 02, 03)> To preggo or not Timeline: Busted (01,02,03) To preggo (Spin-off)> How It Happened> Are you kidding me (01, 02)> Release> Quick One (Spin-off)> Semen all over.