Gravity Fucks – Nothing Is What It Seems (English)

Welcome to our site MilfComix, Erotic “Gravity Fucks” comic with lots of explicit sex images. What boys need to understand is that when the girls are in heat, and are willing to fantasize “nothing is what it seems” that is! She wants to give the pussy but first wants to create a mood and the bastard just wants to know to stick the big hard cock into the girl’s pussy and enjoy it very yummy. Gravity Fucks – Nothing is what it seems. Dipper is without his bedroom, masturbating with a thousand fantasies in the head, when suddenly, his sister Mabel enters the room, disrupting the fun of it. She is amazed at what she sees, and full of heat. After this, she finds Wendy and tells what happened. Wendy, very naughty, decides to go to the room of Dipper to “give a check” on the size of the thing.

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